Yumns' website

This website is about me, my cat, my skills, and my interests. It is also supposed to be a showcase of my coding abilities and will grow over time.

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Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

Chicken the Cat

We didn't get Chicken like most people get their cats. He used to be our neighborhood stray, eating what people gave him. When the COVID lockdown happened, we began to spend a lot more time with him. He started living outside out house all day. Eventually, he ventured indoors and chose us to be his family. He still goes outside to roam around every day.


HTML and CSS logos

I used these to make this website. I am not very good at either at the moment, but hope to improve.

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Without Bootstrap, this website would look straight out of 2003 and I am grateful that it doesn't.


Around late 2020/early 2021, I created a discord bot with python and the Discord.py API. It hasn't been updated in two years but it did peak at nearly 40,000 users. Maybe someday I will fix all of the broken features.


I have established a goal to become a full-stack developer by June 2023. Learning JS is my first step, and then I will refresh myself with Python, and learn C++ and MongoDB. This is my first ever step into the world of JS.

Me as a musician

I have always enjoyed music. Since late 2017, I have played the violin. Some of my favorite pieces to play are the Andante and Allegro molto vivace from Mendelssohn's violin concerto, Paganini's cantabile, Schön Rosmarin by Kreisler, and the last movement from Rieding's B minor concerto. My favorite violinists are Ivry Gitlis, Leonid Kogan, Andrei Korsakov, and Augustin Hadelich. I also listen to a lot of Hindi music.

Currently, I am taking AP World History, AP Biology, and plan on taking AP Calculus AB. I am also a member of my school's chamber orchestra and cross country team. I plan on either doing bio in the future, but don't know what specifically I want to do yet, although bioinformatics seems interesting. Other classes I have taken include Honors Precalculus and Honors Chemistry.

My Education

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